Dark Tales!

Dark Tales!

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Chapter One- The Squirrel and the Fox student reviews!

‘Dark Tales is a gruelling couple of stories that I have been reading and my opinion of the story is it’s an exciting novel with some gruesome parts and it all ends with a happy ending’.

‘I like the bit when they went in the woods and found the gold and food and made him pay for his food'.

‘It was a really excellent story and it was really descriptive. It was gory and thrilling too!’

'I think the story is very good and my taste. The book is very enjoyable a good mix of gore and adventure'.

'I think in the first chapter was about being selfish as Tom was really trying to hurt his brother. Jack was a kind boy who would do anything for food and he even gave his own eyes to his brother for food.'

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Dark Tales !

All students in KS 3 have just started a new literacy scheme of work which is designed around the book Dark Tales from the Woods by Daniel Morden. The book is a compilation of stories based around the stories of Abram Wood, the celebrated King of the gypsies,who came to Wales at the begining of the eighteenth century. The book also won the prestigious Tir na n-Og Award for Children's literature last year.Daniel is also a storyteller and we are hoping he will be able to visit us this term to perform his stories.
Watch this space for reviews of each chapter from KS 3 students.